Good citizenship is at the core of everything we do at Indigo. Integrating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) structure into our business is something we have been doing for years and something we will continue to focus on and expand as we grow.

We are committed to operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, giving back to our communities, and always maintaining the highest level of ethics. We take these commitments seriously. Some of the ways we incorporate ESG into our business are as follows.

Environmental Partnership

Indigo joined the Environmental Partnership in 2019. The Environmental Partnership is comprised of companies in the U.S. oil and natural gas industry that are committed to continuously improving the industry’s environmental performance. The Environmental Partnership has three programs to help reduce VOC emissions: the Pneumatic Controller Program, the Manual Liquids Unloading Program, and the Leak Detection/Repair Program.

Water Transport

In 2019, Indigo committed to transport a majority of our produced water by pipeline, thereby minimizing the number of trucks on the road. Of the 28 million barrels of water produced by Indigo in 2019, 55.5% of the water was piped to the final location. Limiting the water trucks on the road minimizes the impact to the surrounding neighbors and businesses, extends the life of the roads, and minimizes vehicle emissions to the environment.

Internal HSE Team

Indigo has six full time employees on the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) team, and hires additional contractors as needed. This staff allows Indigo to perform the vast majority of permitting, compliance, contractor evaluation, and safety tasks in-house, concentrating our focus on multi‐year strategies to reduce emissions and improve overall safety performance.


Indigo donates to various non‐profits benefiting both the Houston area and the communities we work with in Louisiana, including the Louisiana Baptist Children's Home, local Louisiana high schools, Star of Hope, The Center for Hearing and Speech and The Menil Collection. Indigo employees also donate their time with various organizations, including Urban Harvest and Habitat for Humanity.

Why Natural Gas?

More homes and businesses are using natural gas than ever before – and the numbers continue to grow. In fact, natural gas now accounts for more than 35% of electricity generation in the U.S. But why; what are the benefits of natural gas? In a nutshell, natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and a highly efficient and reliable form of energy. Here are a few quick facts.

It’s Clean
Switching from coal to natural gas for electricity generation reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 53%. Increased use of natural gas is the single largest factor in power sector emissions reaching 25-year lows.

It’s Affordable
Households that use natural gas for heating, cooking, and drying clothes save $879 per year compared to homes that use other forms of fuel for those applications. Additionally, natural gas has led to $121 billion in savings for American businesses since 2009.

It’s Dependable
The U.S. produces enough natural gas to meet our needs for up to 110 years. Regardless of whether the sun shines or the wind blows, natural gas is a reliable fuel source, available when we need it.

*For more information and the sources behind these facts, please click here.